Press release:

Public Artworks with Feel-Good Factor by Artist John Lester at

Ashford International Station, Ashford, Kent, UK

On-going Display and Exhibiton



Artist John Lester is playing a part in lifting the spirits of Brits during the ‘austerity period’ by displaying his bold and optimistic public art at Ashford International Station.

Aiming to inspire commuters and other rail users, John has helped create an installation of several large-scale art works to decorate the station.

Displayed in the station concourse and lounges, the works, sponsored by High Speed 1, were installed with the objective of improving the internal environment of Ashford International Station. The installation includes a billboard poster, depicting a high-speed journey from London to Paris, and four, five-metre-high, banners portraying travel, sport and music. The tone of the artwork is vibrant and John has favoured bright colours that make the station a more welcoming public space.

Ben Ruse, Director of Media and PR for High Speed 1, says:  “The images created by John Lester fit comfortably with the ethos of an ‘international station’ and are impressive for their size and their sense of joy. We hope that they achieve the aim of brightening up the passenger’s day.”

Comments such as "striking and stunning", "magical about the way a painting can make you feel", "beautiful" and "the colours add to the feeling of jollity and represent a lifestyle I always dream about" have been used by members of the public to describe the artworks.

The Eurostar Lounges

The pictures, Les Deux Magots and Monoco (both sold) were produced specifically for the Eurostar Lounges at the Station. However, the originals have recently been replaced with prints.


London to Paris. Oil on Board, 90 x 60cm. SOLD

London to Paris. Oil on Board, 90 x 60cm. SOLD