Wake Up! Can't You See.

This collaborative piece of mixed media artwork was produced in response to John's thoughts about his daughter’s future. The work illustrates a poem John wrote about equality called 'Wake Up!'

For the main focus of this triptych John used a photograph of his daughter when she was a few months old. When John's daughter was given the photographs of her to paint and draw on they were pristine and all started off almost identical. John's daughter enjoyed making marks on these photographs and she made some efforts not to draw on herself, though on one she drew on her face. One of the triptych’s images was stuck on hardboard, the others on cardboard.  At first John wanted all the images to be stuck onto the same surface, but it became clear that as work progressed, that it did not matter what the images were stuck on, as he realised that the artwork was guided by chance, much like life, and that the process was part of the artwork itself. John could not control his daughter’s efforts and accepted this, even though he did try to control the outcome on occasions.